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Partnership Matters: A Reflective Guide is intended to help you to reflect on the way in which you and your organisation approach working in partnership. Each chapter ends with a number of questions which you may wish to ask yourself which will help you reflect on how you create, […]

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Next month I will be launching a downloadable Reflective Guide which tells the fictional story of development project in Tanzania and the person who was inspired to set it up.  At the end of each chapter there will be questions and exercises to stimulate thought and discussion.  The guide can be used on your own […]

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A few weeks ago I attended a meeting of development practitioners which was called to discuss the increasing emphasis on charity as opposed to justice.

Many there felt uncomfortable about the way that development is being portrayed by many INGOS and governments as ‘aid’.  The resurgence of a charitable ‘aid’ approach, can be seen, for […]

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Are we sustainable?

On June 19, 2012 By

Sustainability is an interesting concept to me.  Sometimes it seems as if it is the holy grail of development projects.  It’s also something that we often claim to be a benefit of working with partners overseas.  By working with local organisations and ‘building their capacity’ so our investment of time and resources will, we assert, […]

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I’ve written about trust today in the Partnership Matters newsletter, specifically about how the lack of trust is self-perpetuating, breeding more and more distrust.

It seems obvious on one level that cultural development partnerships need to be based on trust. Yet a basic lack of trust, often dressed up as “cultural […]

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Lost in Translation

On March 21, 2012 By

In 2010 I visited Mozambique for the first time in 15 years.  I was on a monitoring visit and had also arranged to meet with possible new partners. Not speaking Portuguese, I found working Mozambique pretty tough.  I had a very different feeling to that which I have in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda where […]

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Too much technology?

On March 8, 2012 By

When I first worked in development for LCI in the 1990s much of my administrator role involved faxing important documents to 5 training and development offices around the world.  Communication was often slow and difficult.  It sometimes took me hours to send a fax.  There is no doubt that in those days communication hampered […]

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There is a new document in the research section of the site.  It’s a piece of research commissioned by BOND about different approaches to partnership in the International Development sector.  It tells us much about how the 22 ‘agencies’ consulted view, manage and assess their partnerships.  Because of resource constraints it tells […]

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So much, it seems to me, of the potential for disagreement, conflict and confusion in partnerships relates to funding.  Local partners that have been independently established and created by an individual and group of people will naturally usually some idea or plan about what they were established to do.  Perhaps an organisation was envisioned by […]

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Remembering our Values

On January 10, 2012 By

I have been saddened in the past few years to see the demise of both, Healthlink and One World Action which I viewed as examples of organisations where the need for positive partnership principles and practice were recognised and applied. Then sorting through my emails over Christmas I found one from the late […]

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