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About the guide

This guide is intended to help you to reflect on the way in which you and your organisation approach working in partnership.  Each chapter ends with a number of questions which you may wish to ask yourself which will help you reflect on how you create, manage and develop partnerships.  The questions are intended to stimulate thinking about why you do what you do and how you may wish to do things differently in future.  At the end of the guide are some suggestions for how you might wish to take your reflections further.

The story is set in Tanzania because it is a country I know well enough to write about it imaginatively. I have lived and worked there and called it my home.  But it could just as easily been set anywhere that you live, work or call home.

Throughout this guide I use Maurice’s story to help you to reflect on your own story, and how your story affects your values, approach, policy and practice.

When I refer to ‘partnership’ I am thinking primarily about it in the context of the International Development sector.  There is a short glossary at the end of this guide which explains in more detail what these and other terms which I use mean to me.  If you are involved in partnership work in another context I cannot promise that everything here will be relevant for you.  You are welcome to read the guide anyway.  Feel free to see what works for you within it, no matter what the context of partnership within your work.

How to use this guide

You can use this guide on your own to stimulate your own reflection on the way you approach partnership in your work.  You may wish to journal your response to the Questions and Reflections or to share them in a discussion with a colleague or friend.

You can also use this guide within your team or your organisation.  You might want to read the chapters together and then discuss them as a group.  The content of this guide is also intended to form the outline of a facilitated process.  I am available to support you and your organisation in such a process – more information about how to get in touch with me is provided at the end of the guide.

All the illustrations in this guide were created by Sarah @

 As the Director of a small Charity I have asked Mary Ann’s advice on a wide variety of issues. I find her very approachable, and above all extremely helpful. As a mentor I find her advice very apt and practical- based on her far reaching experience in international development. As a consultant, Mary Ann really adds value. She puts in a lot of effort to ensure she has a complete understanding of the brief, and because she recognises a lot of the challenges we face, her input is very well informed and effective. She has excellent contacts in the industry so she is able to draw on wide-ranging best practice. I would recommend Mary Ann’s approach very highly’. Molly Brech, Cecily’s Fund

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